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stainless steel bottle stopper

Stainless steel bottle stoppers

We are producers of Stainless Steel components.

We are now introducing our Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers to crafters:

  • Stainless Steel grade #304 for food contact.
  • Corrosion free with regard to Red and White wines, Vinegar, Oil and any liquid food.
  • No edge chipping from solid Stainless Steel
  • Satin smooth finish, smoother than SS kitchen appliances
  • Low boy set-up, the wood toppers sit right on top of the bottle neck, not 1" or so over
  • Compatible with North American, European, Australian and most wine maker's bottles
  • Our Stainless Steel bottle stoppers are machined on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) metal lathes for consistency in quality, stopper after stopper.
  • Quality stoppers spell "Stainless Steel" for peace of mind
  • Our Stainless Steel Bottle stoppers are slightly more expensive than Chrome plated imported stoppers that : pit, rust, chip and of which you can not replace damaged seal
  • Made in Canada by certified machinists, not imported from countries were quality standards are more than questionable.
  • The original Micro EaseEdge grooves, to protect seals (o-rings) against damage caused by friction between glass and SS Stoppers.

Our Stainless Steel bottle stoppers are fully guarantied for 6 months under normal condition.

We can supply you with a replacement set of three (3) O-rings at a minimal cost plus postage.

The actual black o-rings can be replaced with Silicone (orange/red color) FDA approved o-rings for a nominal fee of $1.00usd. 

Stoppers data: models #200 & 300, overall length 1-7/8”, top dia. .832”, model 400 overall length 2”, top dia. .815”. All models have a 3/8” x 16tpi threaded stud.

We ship via Canada Post, small packet ground service

Pricing schedule
Quantity USD Price
CAD Price
1 to 5 units 6.95$/each 9.00$/each
6 to 10 6.50$/each 8.45$/each
11 to 15 6.20$/each 8.05$/each
16 to 50 6.05$/each 7.85$/each
This product is intended for bottles having a cork stopper

Not suitable for wine bottles with screw top caps

Postage fees

Your delivery address (country of origin and postal code) are needed to establish your postal fees.

Micro Ease Edges
Limited offer

                           Mix & Match

                     Buy 20 or more of one of our models
or combination  of models 200, 300 and 400 (multiple of 5's)

                  and  Match it to our special offers of

                                 $6.05usd    /     $7.85cad
              (a saving of more than 5 % off our regular price)
     Our prices include full Postal Insurance coverage againts:
 thief/lost or damage cause, during transit via the Postal Service.
  This coverage is for our American and Canadian customers.
                                  Subject to Postal fees
                      (insurance provided by Canada Post)

                        We Prefer PayPal

           (Paypal accept: Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex)

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